Beaver Notes
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Packaging the app

This page is intended for individuals who wish to redistribute or package Beaver for package managers and platforms not yet supported. It is not intended for packaging releases of the app its
Releases are typically provided through the release section of GitHub and can only be published by the owner of the repository. If you've made any changes to the app and want it to be shipped with a new version, please open a GitHub issue or start a discussion.
The packaging library electron-builder doesn't support flatpaks to learn more visit the electron builder docs.
A good example of how this guide should be used, even though it wasn't created using this guide, is the AUR repository packaged by a wonderful member of our community.

Choose your platform

Let's suppose you are here to package Beaver Notes for your favorite package manager, whether it's for 🐧Linux, 🍎macOS, or 🪟Windows. The first thing you should do is check the package manager's website or repository for a documentation page. This will help you cover the steps we can't provide here due to the variety of package managers.

Usefull Resources

Usually you'll need the following to package an app:
  • Knowledge of the Language used by the package manager
  • The SHA256 of the original package or source code
You can get the SHA256 either from Beaver Note's release page or by running the following command in your terminal or Powershell.
Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA256 "C:\Path\to\beaver-notes.exe"
🐧 Linux / 🍎 macOs
sha256sum shasum -a 256 path-to-Beaver-Notes


The following piece of code is an example of how a typical package manager manifest looks. Please note that this may vary from one package manager to another and is provided here for illustrative purposes only.
version "1.0.0"
sha256 "f19422c18c8a4455acb36e2feef8e778dd9d4c37298761aeb51c2995fcc26b18"
url "{version}/Beaver-Notes-#{version}.dmg"
name "Beaver Notes"
desc "Your Personal Note-Taking Haven for Privacy
and Efficiency"
homepage ""
depends_on arch: :intel
app ""
That's it you know known what you need to package Beaver Notes for your favorite repo.