Labels are quite easy to master and can quickly become your best friends as they help you find and organize your notes, thoughts, and more.

Adding a label

To add a label to a note, type # in the editor followed by what you want to add, and then press enter (e.g #Beaver). Alternatively, you can choose one from the dropdown menu. If you are looking for a specific label you've already created, just start writing it, and it will appear in the dropdown.

Deleting a label

Deleting a label is as simple as adding it. To delete a label, head to the Notes section and select the label you want to remove. Then, select the trashcan icon, and voilΓ , your label has been deleted. However, beware that it is still in your notes, and you'll have to remove it manually from them. This is meant to safeguard against accidental deletions.

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